Testimonial by

David Rainey

We hired Andy because we knew him and understood he built better quality homes. Andy and his expert staff took us from the architectural process to welcoming us to our new home. As with every build project we have done there were problems and questions. What sets Homoly apart is they were there heading off the problems before they came to our attention or explaining what was happening and providing us with a well thought out answer or recommendation. Can't say enough for his project manager, Justin Generally. Justin took the stress out of the home building process and we looked forward to his help and recommendations.

Now that we are in the house we are loving how well built it is. It is a solid house and just what we wanted. One thing that has really impressed us is their follow up after the move in. There were punch list items that were addressed immediately and items found way after the move in. Each item has been addressed professionally and without delay.

Three years later Homoly is still here for us. We had an issue with a chandelier on a Sunday due to a sub. Andy had an electrician at our house within two hours to make the situation safe and a full crew the next day to completely take care of the situation.

We give Andy and his staff our highest personal recommendation and would build with him again.

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