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Tim and Penny Berry

We are nearing the end of our remodel and shop project that Homoly and your trade partners have delivered admirably. In the rush of getting everything completed, Penny and I would be remiss should we not recognize some folks on your team that brought our adventure to fruition. Also with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, it is a great time to count our blessings and share thanks.

It started about a year ago with Robert, after a Homoly recommendation from Laurie Walls, our real estate agent. Robert came in, made the proposal part easy and most importantly did everything he said he would do and stayed engaged throughout the project. That started the transformation of a contractual agreement between a contractor and a homeowner for work to be done, to a trusted “advisor” relationship.

John and Chasen: Not enough good words to say about these guys. From the beginning they gained our trust; we felt their sincerity and knowing they were looking out after our interests at all times during the project. There attention to detail is always to ensure the final results met and exceeded our expectations. They did all that in an exemplary manner.

Kaitlin: Another “shining star”. Kaitlin never missed a beat. Her attention to detail left nothing undone. There were a lot of moving parts that Kaitlin kept in forward motion and seamlessly at that. She also portrays the talent to anticipate potential problems and head them off at the pass before they become an issue. Her communication skills and prompt responses never left you wondering about the next steps.

Molly: I was always fearful (in a joking way) when Molly and Penny would meet and start talking design needs 😊. But they always came out with beautiful results. Molly is so talented and can visualize the outcome. With this skill set, she is able to recommend and pair down the selection process that’s applicable and acceptable to her customers’ needs, but yet provides the flexibility by giving the client adequate opportunity for choices. Her approach totally removes the confusion factor. We had heard horror stories from other’s experiences about the selection process. Molly took all that away and made this part of our experience pleasurable.

Chad: Although most of our dealings with your team were with the on-sight team members, from the beginning you always knew Chad was there if you needed him. He is very knowledgeable and responsive to inquiries which increased our comfort level factor that the project was going to get done right. Chad’s communications and attention to detail was obvious in our bi-weekly meetings. We are very appreciative of Chad and his support during our project.

“Painter” Chris (as I like to refer to him): Besides being a nice person, Chris is an artist and his work shows it. Enough said on this one. “Sheet Rocker” Kirby also sets in this category.

Last but not least - Amy: Amy was a delight to work with. Our interactions were professional, prompt, and courteous. She always made you feel good when you called in and was always helpful in the financial and billing process. Very efficient and a very nice person to deal with.

I was a CEO before retirement. I was fortunate and blessed to have been surrounded by a bunch of talented folks that made me look pretty damned good over the years. I am confident that you share the same sentiment with your team. The best compliment a leader can get is the context of which your employees speak of you. You’re a very respected and appreciated leader to hear your folks talk.

Please accept our thanks to you and your team for a JOB WELL DONE!!

Have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!!

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