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As a luxury home builder for over 25+ years, Homoly Design + Build offers a turnkey experience including a team of in-house architects, interior designers, engineers, and construction specialists to ensure your project is delivered on time and to your complete satisfaction. Our concierge service makes building your dream home enjoyable and hassle-free from beginning to end. The quality of our homes, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities. We stand behind our projects every step of the way. We look forward to building your dream together!
Andy Homoly, President
Architecten Alexander van Britsom & Sofie Philips

Pictured right: Andy Homoly, President. Pictured Left: Mason Homoly, Project Engineer

homoly design + build

Our Purpose

Build timeless and exceptional projects, provide an enjoyable experience, and foster lifelong relationships.

homoly design + build

Our Values

Strive for excellence

Be passionate

Embrace continuous improvement

Be Humble

Foster open and honest relationships

Do the right thing

Create a positive team and family environment

homoly design + build

Our History

Homoly Design Build's roots can be traced back to Bela (Bill) Homoly, who left his native Hungary and settled in the Chicago area in 1903. Bela, a “House Carpenter” as per the 1920 Census, learned the art of carpentry from his father, and passed it down to his four sons. The youngest of them, Ernie, also followed in his father’s footsteps and honed his carpentry skills while working for the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Despite suffering injuries and losing some of the use of his right arm during World War II, Ernie persevered and continued to build for many more years in Chicago. Today, Homoly Design Build proudly displays his original business card in our office as a testament to our heritage.

Ernie, a master craftsman, passed on his skills to his son Guy, who was brought up learning the art of construction. Guy, however, pursued a different path and enjoyed success as a professional athlete, playing professional football and baseball. Unfortunately, a knee injury forced Guy to retire from sports in the early ’70s, but this paved the way for the Homoly Design Build legacy to continue. Guy’s two sons, Andrew and Casey, joined the business at a young age and worked tirelessly, from their early years through their college days. They were involved in every aspect of the projects, with Guy often assigning them the most challenging tasks. Guy would say, “Remember this boys, get a good education, and get the hell out of the construction business!” Both sons listened, with Andrew graduating with honors in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, and Casey receiving a degree in Chemistry from the same institution. Along the way, Andrew was named MVP of the Cross Country team and Co-Captain of the Track team, while Casey played baseball for Illinois. Although Andrew entered the corporate world in Houston and Casey landed in Texas as well, Homoly Design Build continued to thrive in Chicago.

About four years later, however, Andrew had a life-altering epiphany. He pondered the thought of being on his deathbed and being asked what he had accomplished in his life. He was employed by Exxon at the time and realized that producing gasoline was not the answer! Despite grumbling during the challenging times working with his father, he realized that those were the most cherished moments of his life. He had the privilege of sharing lunch with his father and brother every day while leaving an indelible mark on the world that would endure long after he was gone. It filled him with immense pride to witness the homes and additions his father and grandfather erected in Chicago and the projects he undertook with his brother. He adored the construction process, and how he could blend his creative abilities with his engineering knowledge to create something magnificent.

At that time, Andrew had tied the knot with his college sweetheart, Cathy, who also happened to be a runner at Illinois. As they began building their family, they chose to move to Cathy’s hometown of Kansas City, where a significant portion of Andrew’s family also resided. Today, after 30 years of marriage, Andrew and Cathy have a son and four daughters, with Cathy continuing to work part-time with the company.

In 1997, following a brief employment period with a local engineering firm, Andrew founded Homoly Design Build of Kansas City. The company rapidly expanded and as a result, he required assistance from his father, Guy. After having moved to North Carolina for an early retirement, Guy was eventually convinced by his first grandchild to relocate to Kansas City and assist his son in the business. Guy subsequently joined the company in 1998 and continued working alongside his son until his well-deserved retirement in 2016.

Currently, the next generation has already assumed their place in the company. Mason, who obtained his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Missouri, paid his dues by taking on the “tough jobs” during his summer breaks. He is now an integral part of the team that aims to foster a family environment among the company, its skilled workers, and esteemed clients. Thank you for choosing Homoly Design Build!

homoly design + build

Community Outreach

Youth Sports Coaching

Homoly Design Build believes in giving back to our community and makes it a priority to be active in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas.

We have coached/assisted with more than three dozen youth sports programs for baseball, softball, basketball, flag football and track. In 2009, Andrew Homoly, a long time youth sports coach, discovered there was a huge need for sports teams for inner city girls. Despite the huge geographic area of Kansas City’s East Side, there were just a few scattered opportunities available.

Andrew decided to found the X-Plosion, a 100% free 4th grade girls youth basketball team (sponsored by Homoly Design Build) for any girls in the KCMO school district. Andrew distributed flyers to the local schools and community leaders, offering full scholarships to each player selected for the team. Thirty girls attended tryouts and ten were awarded team membership. The challenges were many, but were met through the dedication of Andrew, the team family members, and the players themselves. Most of the team had never before played in an organized sport. The girls were taught the value of accountability, reliability and other life skills in addition to basketball skills. Discussions were held about “where” they wanted to go to college and not “if”. Family members looked on, cheered, provided transportation and motivation. Their daughters put in hours of hard-work and tremendous effort to become a competitive team, and the friendships established between teammates reinforced the values of commitment and dependability.

Andrew personally coached the team for the first year and then brought in strong women mentors to coach the girls in subsequent years. Many thanks to Lauren Kohn, Exselsa Cartwright, and Ivy Lynch-Shaw for donating their time to this wonderful group of girls. Watch this video to see the reward and excitement of the team’s FIRST WIN! This first group of girls have now entered various high schools throughout KCMO and many have made their school’s varsity squad! Here is a photo of three of the girls from University Academy.

Christmas in October

We participate in Christmas in October, an organization dedicated to “bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need.”

Habitat for Humanity & Hurricane Katrina Relief

We volunteer our time and labor to rebuilding and relief efforts after local and national crises, delivering food, water and shelter to those in need; photographed here is our response team that traveled to Biloxi, MS after Hurricane Katrina