Tim and Penny Berry

We are nearing the end of our remodel and shop project that Homoly and your trade partners have delivered admirably. In the rush of getting everything completed, Penny and I would be remiss should we not recognize some folks on your team that brought our adventure to fruition. Also with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, it is a great time to count our blessings and share thanks.

It started about a year ago with Robert, after a Homoly recommendation from Laurie Walls, our real estate agent. Robert came in, made the proposal part easy and most importantly did everything he said he would do and stayed engaged throughout the project. That started the transformation of a contractual agreement between a contractor and a homeowner for work to be done, to a trusted “advisor” relationship.

John and Chasen: Not enough good words to say about these guys. From the beginning they gained our trust; we felt their sincerity and knowing they were looking out after our interests at all times during the project. There attention to detail is always to ensure the final results met and exceeded our expectations. They did all that in an exemplary manner.

Kaitlin: Another “shining star”. Kaitlin never missed a beat. Her attention to detail left nothing undone. There were a lot of moving parts that Kaitlin kept in forward motion and seamlessly at that. She also portrays the talent to anticipate potential problems and head them off at the pass before they become an issue. Her communication skills and prompt responses never left you wondering about the next steps.

Molly: I was always fearful (in a joking way) when Molly and Penny would meet and start talking design needs 😊. But they always came out with beautiful results. Molly is so talented and can visualize the outcome. With this skill set, she is able to recommend and pair down the selection process that’s applicable and acceptable to her customers’ needs, but yet provides the flexibility by giving the client adequate opportunity for choices. Her approach totally removes the confusion factor. We had heard horror stories from other’s experiences about the selection process. Molly took all that away and made this part of our experience pleasurable.

Chad: Although most of our dealings with your team were with the on-sight team members, from the beginning you always knew Chad was there if you needed him. He is very knowledgeable and responsive to inquiries which increased our comfort level factor that the project was going to get done right. Chad’s communications and attention to detail was obvious in our bi-weekly meetings. We are very appreciative of Chad and his support during our project.

“Painter” Chris (as I like to refer to him): Besides being a nice person, Chris is an artist and his work shows it. Enough said on this one. “Sheet Rocker” Kirby also sets in this category.

Last but not least - Amy: Amy was a delight to work with. Our interactions were professional, prompt, and courteous. She always made you feel good when you called in and was always helpful in the financial and billing process. Very efficient and a very nice person to deal with.

I was a CEO before retirement. I was fortunate and blessed to have been surrounded by a bunch of talented folks that made me look pretty damned good over the years. I am confident that you share the same sentiment with your team. The best compliment a leader can get is the context of which your employees speak of you. You’re a very respected and appreciated leader to hear your folks talk.

Please accept our thanks to you and your team for a JOB WELL DONE!!

Have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!!

Ryan S.

They have the highest level of professionalism and integrity while respecting the customer's vision. I would recommend to anyone who wants the best in custom work.

Amy Aiken

The finished project was a masterpiece in function and design... I love my home and have referred Homoly to several friends and colleagues. They are simply the best home builders in Kansas City without exception.

Joseph S.

Our dream project came through with flying colors. Given my experience I will use and recommend Homoly to others.

Edward Carr

This is a great company, Homoly Design Build. They built a quality and a most beautiful home for me and I have received many compliments on it. Their professionalism made it possible for me to enjoy the home I am in now. Homoly had the knowledge and ability to guide me step by step in the building process. They also helped me to understand the budget and the meeting of deadlines in the building of my new home and they did it with friendly and very informative consultations and the results were amazing! Thank you HOMOLY for giving me a most beautiful home that I love!

Norman Smith

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line quality home builder, you've found it in Homoly! We have had an awesome experience with this home builder. The team of professionals that worked on all different types of large projects at our home were experts in their field and did terrific work. They provided not only excellent results, but also continued lines of communication throughout the process to ensure they were delivering what was expected and more! We can't speak more highly of Homoly!

Keith & Reem Sanders

Working with Homoly Design Build was an exceptional experience. From the very first meeting with Andrew Homoly to the daily interactions with his team; the entire process was a pleasure. We were based overseas while our house was being built therefore Trust, Communication and Quality were key imperatives in selecting a builder. The Homoly Team exceeded our expectations. During the project we received daily updates and forward looking information which ensured a seamless process. The Quality of build exceeded our already high expectations based on Homoly's reputation. And as mentioned, the team was a pleasure to work with. We are now thoroughly enjoying retirement in our Homoly Signature Home!

Breck Anderson

A Fraternity House is a complex system with a narrow and rigid construction timeline. Construction was the least stressful part of the project for me because of Andy. I had a lot riding on Andy and the Homoly team and they came through without a hitch. Homoly Design Build was hired because we trusted Andy and he fulfilled every expectation.

B+A Architecture

Homoly Design Build is an exceptional general contractor with the attention to detail and quality construction. One of the unique things they do, in a meeting at their office, is go through the construction process in detail showing with actual mock ups clearly showing the difference in the quality of construction in the homes they build. They have adopted as their standard detailing that will increase the longevity, reduce maintenance and increase the energy efficiency of the home. Without any reservation I would recommend Homoly Design Build for any project we design.

Adam Weatherly

Worked for Homoly Constuction for a summer and developed some of the most important business professional skills that I still use to this day under Mr. Homoly's wing. Anytime there was a chance for a learning experience he went out of his way to teach me. Not only did he teach me vital business skills but he taught me what I should value in life and that is family. When I worked there I never felt like I worked for a company but I worked for a family. I walked through the doors a young college graduate and walked out a business professional with great values. Thank you Mr. Homoly for everything.

Nelsie Sweeney

We have had a great and professional relationship with Homoly Homes. Their team is smart and thorough when they engage the engineering services of Kaw Valley Engineering. They make sure that their design and engineering is sound in every project.

Ron Morrison

I know no other I would trust with a high-end custom home. It was important to me that the house was built to last - good bones. As a structural engineer, Andy presented reasonable, common sense upgrades. It just doesn't cost that much more for a wider foundation, thicker basement walls, and a load of gravel to assure there is a dry basement for several lifetimes. From SIPS panel construction to geothermal HVAC, the energy saving recommendations were financially justified and environmental friendly. If you intend to build a custom home, you have to talk to Homoly Design Build.

Merry Quackenbush

It was a pleasure to work with the committed and knowledgeable team at Homoly Design Build. In particular, our project manager Chad was superb -- he capably worked through the myriad of construction issues. And the end result is a high-quality home and studio we love!

Concrete Design of KC, Inc.

We love to work with Homoly! Thank you for choosing Concrete Design for your concrete flatwork needs. It is always great doing business with clients who are as great as you. Thank you again!

David Rainey

We hired Andy because we knew him and understood he built better quality homes. Andy and his expert staff took us from the architectural process to welcoming us to our new home. As with every build project we have done there were problems and questions. What sets Homoly apart is they were there heading off the problems before they came to our attention or explaining what was happening and providing us with a well thought out answer or recommendation. Can't say enough for his project manager, Justin Generally. Justin took the stress out of the home building process and we looked forward to his help and recommendations.

Now that we are in the house we are loving how well built it is. It is a solid house and just what we wanted. One thing that has really impressed us is their follow up after the move in. There were punch list items that were addressed immediately and items found way after the move in. Each item has been addressed professionally and without delay.

Three years later Homoly is still here for us. We had an issue with a chandelier on a Sunday due to a sub. Andy had an electrician at our house within two hours to make the situation safe and a full crew the next day to completely take care of the situation.

We give Andy and his staff our highest personal recommendation and would build with him again.

Kansas City Resident

I hired Andy and his wonderful team to build my home in 2010. I have a handicapped child and needed a house that would accommodate his needs as well as prove to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the rest of the family. Andy understood exactly what I needed as he took the time to really get to know our family and understand our unique circumstances.

The finished project was a masterpiece in function and design. I wanted a rustic cottage feel for our lake home and Homoly delivered above and beyond what I had imagined. From the beams in the living room to the stone work on the double fireplaces, the house fits perfectly into its wooded setting. Sustainability is also very important to me and Andy is passionate about incorporating " green" concepts into the homes he builds and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Every living space in the house is heated and cooled with a state of the art geothermal system. It is wonderfully energy efficient and ecologically sound, as well.

Andy took the time to really listen to what I needed to properly and safely care for my disabled child in his own environment. The entire house is ADA accessible with extra wide doorways , flat entries, a lift to the basement to allow my son access to every area in the home, and a handicapped accessible bathroom built directly into my son's bedroom suite.

Building a custom home is a huge project and stressful by definition, however, Andy, Guy and the rest of the Homoly team were wonderful to work with throughout the journey. From the planning meetings to the site visits I always believed I was in the best of hands. Their work ethic and professionalism is exemplary and the pride they take in their work is apparent for all to see. I love my home and have referred Homoly to several friends and colleagues. They are simply the best home builders in Kansas City without exception.

Steve Welch

Homoly Design Build built our home in 2003 and I would not hesitate to have them build another one for me. I have also referred them to others looking for a builder. The reasons that I highly endorse them is their ability to stand behind their product, on-time completion and customer service.

Often you hear about builders build it and walk away once the job is done. Not so with Homoly, the winter after we moved in was one of the coldest on record, causing one of the water pipes in the basement to burst. We called Andy and shortly afterwards, his team was fixing the pipes and filling in the whole area with foam installation. Additional, we have a closest over the garage that was always cold, Guy Homoly inspected the area, suggested and installed a wall heating unit at no cost to us, saying it should have been installed initially.

Secondly, was their ability to complete projects on time. Our home was done on the actual day it was proposed at closing.

Finally, at any time throughout the building process Andy Homoly was respectful of us, our time and took the time to answer any question we had, always returning our phone call or email in a timely manner.

The fact that this builder is not only still in business but growing also speaks for their quality of work.


We were focused on building the first privately funded LEED Platinum home in Kansas. Homoly was the obvious choice after interviewing several other builders. They were always accommodating to our many unusual requests, This will happen frequently with custom-designed homes, but with a LEED project such as this the level of complexity increased ten-fold. There was never any discord between us and Homoly and on those occasions when we had disagreements with sub-contractors, Homoly was always able to resolve them quickly and to our utmost satisfaction.

We have given many tours of our LEED Platinum home over the last 4 years (over 500 people) and we have always been delighted to promote Homoly as our builder.

I will highlight just a few of the features of our home that made it more challenging: 4 Kilowatts of photovoltaic panels, ground-source heat pump, all-glass solarium with 1-foot thick concrete floor to absorb heat, and Meteon exterior paneling (that must be carefully aligned before attachment) with a sub-surface rain screen.

Homoly combines an extensive history of both residential and commercial projects that was immensely valuable to us for our project; with another builder we might never have reached our goal of LEED platinum.

One final comment; I personally have zero tolerance in any aspect of my life for people who demonstrate less than a stellar level of integrity, honesty and compassion! I welcome comments and questions from anyone.

Ryan Sutton

I loved working with Andy, Guy and team. They have the highest level of professionalism and integrity, while respecting the customer's vision. I would recommend to anyone who wants the best in custom work.

Gerould Sabin

Homoly Design Build is the premier environmentally focused builder in the region. We have been blessed to work as a vendor / subcontractor to Homoly Design Build on several projects. On this LEED Certified home we provided the bamboo flooring. If there is an environmentally focus home being built in the Kansas City Metropolitan area Homoly Design Build and Davidson Architecture seem to be building it. USGBC LEED for homes, HBA Green Home certified they build them all.

Kathy Gigstad

Dear Andy,For years I had heard people talk about the horrible experience they had while building a home. They told about trouble with subs and the contractor not providing what was needed or expected. I wanted to write to you, this long-overdue letter, to tell you how happy I have been with the entire process of building my new home with you. You, and everyone involved, exceeded my expectations and were more than kind and patient with this novice homebuilder.

The subs were wonderful. I would like a special thanks to going to Marshall. He did a superb job on the woodwork and the fireplace is beautiful.

Linda is a real doll and a professional all the way. She is always responsive to my questions and I never felt like I was a bother, even though I'm sure I was. Thank you, Linda, I feel like I have a new friend.

Finally, Andy and Guy, you run a wonderful company and I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you. Many of my friends have asked for the name of your company for further reference if they ever decide to build a home. They couldn't believe how smoothly everything went and how responsive you were when I called. You are always there when I need you and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

If you ever need a reference or would like me to speak to a prospective client please feel free to call. I would love to do that for you and would feel honored if you would ask.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and my lovely new home.

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year,


Kathy Gigstad