Home Remodeling

10 Steps to Building Success

The first step is the design kickoff. This step falls into the pre-construction timeline in months 1-2. We will start to get an idea of what you want your home to look like through creating Pinterest pages and Houzz ideabooks. You will share your inspiration and lifestyle so we can come up with a plan perfectly designed to fit your everyday life. You will then be given high level architectural plans of what your home will look like!


Design Kickoff


Preliminary Pricing

We will then review the plans and specs. You will be given the preliminary pricing which is a cost estimate of the total price. Once approved, you can give the greenlight for the final plans.



This is the final stage of pre-construction. You will be given the construction contract to review and sign off on. A build team will be put together and introduced to you. We will go over the redline plans, which are architectural drawings that have been reviewed and marked with errors, changes and revisions. You will then be given the “what to expect packet” and go over any questions before construction begins.

Stage 4 is the first stage of construction. You will confirm the location of your home, the height and the location of sitework. Then we will break ground and get started on excavation and foundation!


Final Pricing



Step 5 consists of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). All cabinets and MEP will be marked on the floor. Framing and cabinet locations will be approved along with MEP locations. Low voltage electrical will also be approved.



The next step is drywall! This is a very exciting stage as you finally start to see what your house will look like and are nearing the end of the process. All final changes will be made before drywall goes up. We will confirm all locations of MEP boxes. Exterior cladding selections and the insulation package will be approved. The drywall will be installed.



Now that the walls are up, we move on to finishes! You will be given samples of trim, paint, tile, and all the selections to bring your inspiration photos to life. You will then approve the samples, hardwood, stains, and tile. You will also approve of the driveway and landscaping layouts.



After all the final selections are made you are in the homestretch! This is the last 8 weeks prior to your move in date. Workmanship and all fixtures will be reviewed. It will be all hands on deck to get the final touches finished and have your home in perfect condition!


New Home Orientation

In step 9 you will then be given a final walkthrough of your new home. This is when you can let us know of any final changes to touch ups before you move in! You will be shown how to use all of your new products and features. We will provide a homeowner manual with all of the product information and warranties.


Welcome Home!

Last is step 10, your home is finally finished and the only thing left to do is... celebrate! We will throw you a welcome home party to celebrate the end of a wonderful project and to admire your home one last time before the punch list director handoff.